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I am Carrie Bradshaw (for a day)

10 Jan

A while ago, Time Out Magazine Beirut asked me to write their fashion column, and ever since I felt like Carey Bradshaw, minus the tutu.


My assignment was to go meet a stylish Lebanese man, by the sea, in Zaytounay bay: Joey Ghazal, who happens to be one of the few male fashionistos in town.


We sat down for a talk, over fresh orange juice (because it was too early for Cosmopolitans) and here’s how it went down.

“I think men in Beirut barely take any risks when it comes to fashion. There is a lot of repetition and a predictable wardrobe for the typical Lebanese guy.”  Says Joey when I ask him about the style credentials of the local boys.

“I like to experiment” – adding colorful bracelets to his otherwise classic outfits of rolled up jeans, rolled up simple shirts and boat shoes seems to do the trick; a hint of color to the nautical palette he dearly favors.


“Working by Zaytounay Bay has definitely influenced my style”. With nothing on St. Tropez, Monaco and other bling-bling waterfronts, the women of Beirut come here dressed to the nines, risking having their stilettos stuck between wooden decks. “Women in Beirut know what they want when it comes to fashion” because what’s a city without an (over)dose of glamour?


Joey is very keen on reflecting the identity of the restaurants he manages, subtly setting the dress code for his customers. When he is in New York style steakhouse, CRO-MAGNON, Ghazal does the whole “chinos, blazer, simple shirt, brown belt and shoes look” which never fails to exude laid back chic while adding colorful scarves for a twist: “after all, we are on the Mediterranean, and a monochromatic palette doesn’t fit our surroundings”.

Joey refers to his moods and the occasion to put together his signature outfits. As it is important not to be over or under-dressed; he always takes the fresh, gentlemen approach with a tasteful attention to detail, “Adam Levine meets Mad Men’s Don Draper”

I finish off the interview with a snap of his outfit.


Peachy right?  

For moah fashion trend hunting, check out my Pinterest board:

And read the full article in the new first issue of Time Out Beirut style (@StyleBeirut), in which you’ll find all the go-to addresses to update your style destination database!



How to get started on Pinterest

13 Nov

Pinterest is a relatively new Web tool that started in 2010, to become a Top social media platform today.

Pinterest is a virtual Pin-Board, where you get to pin images/videos/audio from around the web to create as many mood-boards as you want: it also serve as a Bookmark platform, since you can access the original link you ‘pinned’ from by clicking on it.

So How to get started on Pinterest?

Whatever browser you are using, first thing you need to do (after creating an account, obviously) is download the “Pin it” Button, as per the below snapshot/indications: Hover over About/Click “Pin it Button”/Make sure your Bookmarks bar is showing/Drag and drop the button to the bookmarks bar/ That’s it!

Easy Breezy

If that wasn’t informative enough, watch those video tutorials:

For Safari

For Google Chrome:

For Mozilla Firefox:

For Internet Explorer:

Really? Who uses that anymore?

So now you are ready to pin: While viewing your favourite websites, blogs, tumblrs, all you have to do is click the Pin it Magical button, and it will transform all the data in the website to become “Pinnable”!

Now it’s up to you to chose the pins that represent you/your image/your business the MOST.

You can also “Repin” things other people are pinning, and start following people who have similar tastes and interests. It’s a very generous tool, because it encourages people to share the best of their inspirations with other people without any constrictions and to be honest about their inspirations; a haven for copycats!

I know so many of those bitches

NEW FEATURE: You can now have a SECRET BOARD. YES! For your more adult pins, or if you’re in the closet and want to extend your stay, or if you’re an idea stealer but want to take all the credit then go ahead and create a secret board, where no one can see your pins.

On your marks.


Start Pinning!

In the name of Fruitful procrastination…Start designing your dream home and planning the wedding you will never have!

Let’s follow each other: find me here:

Check out my Pin Boards to get an idea on how to make boards and the use of captions.

I can’t wait to see all you creatives GimmeMOAH.

I just want moah X

“That don’t Impress me Much” [sic]

12 Aug

If you don’t laugh at this, it’s because you didn’t read my Lana Del Rey entry.

So the Olympics, I’ve never seen them. EVER. Because

  1. I don’t watch television
  2. I think It’s pretty pointless to create Competition, and further support competitiveness  in humans which I find quite rudimental (i.e The Hunger Games)

BUT, this particular girl from the Olympics caught my attention, with her catty features and attitude, reminiscent of the Queen Bee herself REGINA GEORGE:

Imagetonight, we are flawless.



And when she won the silver medal, McKayla Maroney, let the whole world know she wasn’t impressed:

Oh No You Didn’t

And the world loved her candid reaction, so an outburst of memes followed; here’s my selection:


Unimpressed with DaVinci’s portrayal


Kristen Stewart cheating on R-Patz? hmmm – UNIMPRESSED












McKayla, This is for you Girl:

You want moah McKayla memes?

But please stop laughing, you might get wrinkles.


Paper dress.

13 May

On a time I was vainly obsessed with  beauty.

back when you looked delicate. Like you could do no harm.

Like a paper dress

sketched, perfectly drawn

hug my figure,

flirt with my emballage

fold in half – bend twice

twist the rules, skip to 12

Your delicate chiffon sound

lingers in my brain and reverberates

My dead cells invigorates

As I look at you in awe

by Comme des Garcons

Hug my bones, Grip me tight

So thin and bean sprout-like

Careful not to crush my skeleton, beau

For tiny particles are most difficult to sow

Sketchy dress, drawn

Perfectly executed

you wet me with your mollusk licks

It’s not because we stick that we mix

Your cling is so intense!

Determined to take hold of me

I’m so wary it’s too tight

I’m wary we might break, dear

Go on and flirt with my emballage

Little wafer dress

Don’t you origami your way out of me

I’m inked forever on your pages

you know how hard I prayed

for you to come to life

the day my pencil outlined your features

I vainly thought you needed my grace,

and a wire hanger to replace

but you stood on your own

took me aback when you hardened


Perhaps my sweat caused you to freeze

now paper cuts pound in every inch of me

Not that I’m trembling

it’s the cuts throbbing

like paper wings in the wind

fluttering away from this macabre shindig

erasing every mark they ever left

hovering up up and away

they snap, crackle and pop!

in a delicate chiffon sound

lingering in my brain at a slow reverb rate

Leaving haunting chiffon sounds

echoing in my brain like acid rain.

(Than you Rayan for the song)

with a little humor. So you don’t think I’m emo.

Kermitified by Kermit Tesoro

6 May

A few years ago, I met and became friends with raw talent. By met, I mean became Facebook friends-welcome to the 21st century-and by pure talent I mean Kermit Tesoro.

a true fashion prodigy

Kermit is a up-and-coming designer from thePhilippines, who has gained a lot of recognition recently by his fashion peers. His designs were chosen by Nicolas Formichetti (the man behind the Lady Gaga persona) to be worn by Gaga herself. And although I am not a fan of the latter, or Nicolas, I think Tesoro is a refreshing addition to the avant-garde fashion scene.

Lady Gaga wearing a Kermit creation

Reminiscent of Mugler in the 80s, Balenciaga at its peak and McQueen at his most experimental phase, check out some of KT’s crafty, intricate designs:

Madame Sinister’s shoes

Kermit’s designs are inspired by things like human anatomy or dinosaurs, with names such as Psychopompous! and Anarchophobia for his collections(love the names!).

The result is often alien-looking but with a poetic approach, the monotonous neutral colors make for a haunting redundancy like indie music to a Kubrick movie.

More recently, Kermit got inspired by pollution, and oil spills to make this  beautiful, melting design

And Witchcraft for his men’s collection  Wicca X Knights of Columbus

(I need to have the blouse with the cross in my closet a.s.a.p)


Check some more Kermit Tesoro on my Pinterest boards

and his Facebook appreciation page



Dancing Lana Del Rey … Yey!

24 Apr

So I came across this Uber Cool website with a dancing Lana in random locations.

And I thought I’d share it!

In case you didn’t see her now infamous SNL ‘performance’ to know what I’m talking about, here it is:


Lana Dancing with Madonna

Keep Calm and Spin

dancing her sorrows away to Celine Dion

Dancing at the barn

Dancing with Mark Wahlberg's foot

The Blender dance

Dancing with Tupac

Dancing with MJ. Beat it.

Relax B

Valse with Angelina Jolie's right leg

The website also invites you to make your own. And yes I’m bored, so here:

Dancing with Britney Spears

Dancing Queen!

Dancing in Baalback

Dancing in Paris

Dancing troubles away

I know you want moah (because too much is not enough) , so here:

What does Lana think?


This made my day,

Perhaps yours too?

@GhPhilippe on Twitter / on Pinterest

Cancer is not just a horoscope.

15 Apr

I have always wanted to be part of a good cause.

You might think being Mean is sexy in the game of power we succumb to in our daily lives, but I’ll allow myself to say that being good is sexier. Orgasmic even.


-Try it.

When I was contacted by Leo Burnett a couple of weeks back, I was asked if I’d like to perform any kind of street art to raise money and awareness on Children who have cancer as part of a campaign for the CCCL (Children Cancer Center of Lebanon); I immediately said yes. I proposed the idea to my co-worker, Madonna – a graffiti artist and she agreed to do it.

We bought our Montana sprayers feeling as bad ass as ever and dragged ourselves (and each other) on a Saturday morning, out of bed at 9 am to be on Location at 10 am sharp. Madonna starts showing off her fabulous skill recreating the sketch first with chalk with everyone joining in on the fun of spraying later.

the wall before it was sprayed with awesomeness

This symbol represents the Cancer Star Sign, and NOT the 69 SEX position. Although we had a few remarks on the matter, but no it is supposed to be a symbol of a mother, breastfeeding her child, PERVERTS.

The message we want to convey is that while we are known for being intrinsically superstitious as a society, many of us review their horoscope every morning through any of the countless resources (or all of them combined for a more accurate forecast) on a daily basis.

What's your star sign?

Although I am not criticizing the science of astrology, we should remember that while we check if the stars are aligned correctly for us today as Gemini’s, Aquarians, Sagittarians, Leos, Libras, Capricorns and so on, some children live through cancer, The bad cancer, The one that kills and not the Star sign.

Proudly posing with our final artwork

Child Cancer can be completely cured, with enough money to proceed with the therapy.

So while you read your daily horoscope tomorrow, I hope you will give a thought to the Children who have Cancer, without having to be tragic about it, just send them your warm thoughts and good intentions. Well, it won’t hurt if you donate every now and then too.

Enough Angelina Jolie goes Gandhi for today. Watch the Stop motion animation to see the progress of the project (Thanks Ahmad for taking the awesome pictures!) .


And the beautiful TVC by Leo Burnett:

I’d like to thank the PR team Aphy, Jen, Leti and Jimmy for making this fun; Diego and Tania for being empowering.

If you want to see the graffiti live, head to the end of Hamra (after Roadster’s) keep going till you see a parking lot. It’s there. Don’t forget to tweet me about it @GhPhilippe

We want more good causes!

Give Moah! X