NY Retrospective pt.2

29 Jan

Meeting all those trendy young women in New York, you can’t but think of the popular series Sex & The City.

You see, the series is pretty accurate. I MET those girls: they are pretty, made-up, wore designer clothes and all that “fabulous” jazz. They live alone and a lot of them are single. Because men are hard to find in NYC. Those girls are touchingly desperate, I thought.

There was this particular one; she lived in a skyscraper. You can’t be soft when you live in such an immense structure, but she was still vulnerable, so I called her Baby, and I wrote her this. I hope she sees it one day:

Baby is part of the cityscape

Up From her Manhattan sky-loft

she draws the lights

for the man sleeping on the park bench

somewhere in Brooklyn heights

Baby lives on the 38th floor

where the ground is only a blur

she never meant to ignore you

but the view bedazzled her

she was bedazzled

by the life that pumped beneath her


and as you looked from affar

saw her lights come off

she made your life less bright

redrew the light in your eye

to an ever-changing pattern

to which  you will never adapt

You will never belong

so let her go to bed

for tomorrow is another big day

in New York City.


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