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21 Jul

Horoscopes. Such an important insight to get to know very deep things about someone you just met. Here’s what I learned (and what you will from now on) from analyzing people and their star signs so far – If you get offended reading this, you’re probably a Taurus, or Britney Spears (we’ll get to that later).

Virgos. I know their motto is benevolence, but they’re downright selfish motherfuckers. They may seem like good, obedient listeners but they will somehow rebel against your advice in the most passive aggressive ways. Dudes, no one asked you to be a submissive bitch in the first place.


Geminis. A Gemini will always find a way to be annoying/obnoxious. They’re always “too” something i.e too cute, too witty(me), too jumpy, too sociable or too introverted – You get the gist. Oh and calling them versatile is the politically correct term for hypocrite.No point trying to understand geminis, there isn’t much to understand.


Sagittarius: If in a relationship they will cheat, because yes, Sags are hunters (as excuses go, that’s a pretty valid one). They invented bipolar disorder and schizophrenia. Ask Britney Spears if you don’t believe me. But hey, the smartest people are crazy (no, not you Brit Brit ❤ )


Pisces: They’re as stable as water (get it?) and so they will end up drowning themselves and perhaps drowning you with them. They’re not really ‘dreamers’, they’re just like everyone else, but it takes them longer to figure it out.

Leos: They’re the kings of the jungle. Except we’re not in a jungle you aggressive, attention seeking little fucks. No but seriously, I love Leos.


Capricorn: Capricorns are very serious-minded, which is ironic as no one takes them seriously. Ambitious (which translates into fame/money-hungry opportunists) , they also  show no emotion as they prefer to “look” strong. Oh and If you over-rate yourself, you’re a Capricorn (at heart). THEY CAN’T SIT WITH US!

I don’t know much about Libra men, but I can tell you their women are man-stealers. Hide your fiancés ladies, those girls are out to get them. The libra chick has nothing “balanced” about her except maybe her boobs.

Scorpios: Born with a grudge, they are only qualified at hurting themselves; that is Scorpio’s ultimate curse. Scorpios have strong sex drives, because it gives them yet another opportunity to smoke. They are big babies with adult fetishes.

Taurus: Arguably the most annoying sign in the galaxy, a True Taurus has at least been in a fight at Taco Bell once. He or she holds grudges about things that never actually happened. Taureans are impatient and pushy. They are in a tremendous hurry to get to the nowhere that they intend to go to and act out scenarios of the way things would be if they were God. The Lebanese girl in Mean Girls was probably a Taurus.


Cancer: They often feel persecuted. Like you’re out to get them or something. They are misunderstood; they’re not erratic, back-stabbing creatures, they’re just very weary. Cancereans end up getting screwed by everyone and they like it.

Aquarius: Aquarians didn’t exist in my world until a friend illuminated me that they are earth/human loving hippies. And now I know an Aquarian when I see one, complete with hobo skirts, a farmer’s tan and bad teeth. You know, just like rock stars or the 60’s.

And Finally Aries, Who I know nothing about – But am sure, are just as annoying as Taurus.


Namaste everybody,



Cancer is not just a horoscope.

15 Apr

I have always wanted to be part of a good cause.

You might think being Mean is sexy in the game of power we succumb to in our daily lives, but I’ll allow myself to say that being good is sexier. Orgasmic even.


-Try it.

When I was contacted by Leo Burnett a couple of weeks back, I was asked if I’d like to perform any kind of street art to raise money and awareness on Children who have cancer as part of a campaign for the CCCL (Children Cancer Center of Lebanon); I immediately said yes. I proposed the idea to my co-worker, Madonna – a graffiti artist and she agreed to do it.

We bought our Montana sprayers feeling as bad ass as ever and dragged ourselves (and each other) on a Saturday morning, out of bed at 9 am to be on Location at 10 am sharp. Madonna starts showing off her fabulous skill recreating the sketch first with chalk with everyone joining in on the fun of spraying later.

the wall before it was sprayed with awesomeness

This symbol represents the Cancer Star Sign, and NOT the 69 SEX position. Although we had a few remarks on the matter, but no it is supposed to be a symbol of a mother, breastfeeding her child, PERVERTS.

The message we want to convey is that while we are known for being intrinsically superstitious as a society, many of us review their horoscope every morning through any of the countless resources (or all of them combined for a more accurate forecast) on a daily basis.

What's your star sign?

Although I am not criticizing the science of astrology, we should remember that while we check if the stars are aligned correctly for us today as Gemini’s, Aquarians, Sagittarians, Leos, Libras, Capricorns and so on, some children live through cancer, The bad cancer, The one that kills and not the Star sign.

Proudly posing with our final artwork

Child Cancer can be completely cured, with enough money to proceed with the therapy.

So while you read your daily horoscope tomorrow, I hope you will give a thought to the Children who have Cancer, without having to be tragic about it, just send them your warm thoughts and good intentions. Well, it won’t hurt if you donate every now and then too.

Enough Angelina Jolie goes Gandhi for today. Watch the Stop motion animation to see the progress of the project (Thanks Ahmad for taking the awesome pictures!) .


And the beautiful TVC by Leo Burnett:

I’d like to thank the PR team Aphy, Jen, Leti and Jimmy for making this fun; Diego and Tania for being empowering.

If you want to see the graffiti live, head to the end of Hamra (after Roadster’s) keep going till you see a parking lot. It’s there. Don’t forget to tweet me about it @GhPhilippe

We want more good causes!

Give Moah! X