In the Land of Oh!

27 Mar

My album review for today isn’t exactly new, but I’m sure it hasn’t been discovered by all of you.

Since I never read any album reviews and I form my own opinion (I urge you to do the same), I most certainly enjoyed listening to this album.

The Sound is contemporary, the arrangements intricate yet fresh and the references varied: it’s Oh Land I’m talking about.

It helps that the lead singer has enough good looks/svelte allure (that of an ex ballerina)/style to make an eye candy factory:

and talent in the ear Milk department! Watch this:

Highlights from the album Fauna include:

Fauna Artwork

  •  “Rainbow” especially in this live adaptation. HOW CUTE IS SHE ON 3:30! I like the use of onomatopoeias (pronounced ono-mato-peeas) Click! POP! CLICK! POP! – They mix well with the modern instruments.WATCH:
  • “Perfection”: it is basically about stalking someone to the point where you can master actually becoming them in order to please your lover. This song is an ode to the girl that Oh Land is stalking to get her perfection. Then she replaces her, kinda. Peachy. Listen here:


  • There’s also “Wolf & I”.
  • “White Nights” with its feel good arrangements; given the signature Oh Land signature of happy, layered, nostalgic but bright songs.

Now go buy the album, it will play in your car/office/bedroom for long hours.

So please Oh Land….Gimmemoah!

P.S: I recently joined Pinterest, If you care to follow; photography/desgin/Pop musings.

and Twitter!



2 Responses to “In the Land of Oh!”

  1. Anonymous blogger April 1, 2012 at 5:46 pm #

    Thanks for making me discover OhLand! Amazing blog btw

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