Dancing Lana Del Rey … Yey!

24 Apr

So I came across this Uber Cool website with a dancing Lana in random locations.

And I thought I’d share it!

In case you didn’t see her now infamous SNL ‘performance’ to know what I’m talking about, here it is:

Beware: this.is.trippy.

Lana Dancing with Madonna

Keep Calm and Spin

dancing her sorrows away to Celine Dion

Dancing at the barn

Dancing with Mark Wahlberg's foot

The Blender dance

Dancing with Tupac

Dancing with MJ. Beat it.

Relax B

Valse with Angelina Jolie's right leg

The website also invites you to make your own. And yes I’m bored, so here:

Dancing with Britney Spears

Dancing Queen!

Dancing in Baalback

Dancing in Paris

Dancing troubles away

I know you want moah (because too much is not enough) , so here:


What does Lana think?


This made my day,

Perhaps yours too?

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One Response to “Dancing Lana Del Rey … Yey!”


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    […] If you don’t laugh at this, it’s because you didn’t read my Lana Del Rey entry. […]

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