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I am Carrie Bradshaw (for a day)

10 Jan

A while ago, Time Out Magazine Beirut asked me to write their fashion column, and ever since I felt like Carey Bradshaw, minus the tutu.


My assignment was to go meet a stylish Lebanese man, by the sea, in Zaytounay bay: Joey Ghazal, who happens to be one of the few male fashionistos in town.


We sat down for a talk, over fresh orange juice (because it was too early for Cosmopolitans) and here’s how it went down.

“I think men in Beirut barely take any risks when it comes to fashion. There is a lot of repetition and a predictable wardrobe for the typical Lebanese guy.”  Says Joey when I ask him about the style credentials of the local boys.

“I like to experiment” – adding colorful bracelets to his otherwise classic outfits of rolled up jeans, rolled up simple shirts and boat shoes seems to do the trick; a hint of color to the nautical palette he dearly favors.


“Working by Zaytounay Bay has definitely influenced my style”. With nothing on St. Tropez, Monaco and other bling-bling waterfronts, the women of Beirut come here dressed to the nines, risking having their stilettos stuck between wooden decks. “Women in Beirut know what they want when it comes to fashion” because what’s a city without an (over)dose of glamour?


Joey is very keen on reflecting the identity of the restaurants he manages, subtly setting the dress code for his customers. When he is in New York style steakhouse, CRO-MAGNON, Ghazal does the whole “chinos, blazer, simple shirt, brown belt and shoes look” which never fails to exude laid back chic while adding colorful scarves for a twist: “after all, we are on the Mediterranean, and a monochromatic palette doesn’t fit our surroundings”.

Joey refers to his moods and the occasion to put together his signature outfits. As it is important not to be over or under-dressed; he always takes the fresh, gentlemen approach with a tasteful attention to detail, “Adam Levine meets Mad Men’s Don Draper”

I finish off the interview with a snap of his outfit.


Peachy right?  

For moah fashion trend hunting, check out my Pinterest board:

And read the full article in the new first issue of Time Out Beirut style (@StyleBeirut), in which you’ll find all the go-to addresses to update your style destination database!



How to get started on Pinterest

13 Nov

Pinterest is a relatively new Web tool that started in 2010, to become a Top social media platform today.

Pinterest is a virtual Pin-Board, where you get to pin images/videos/audio from around the web to create as many mood-boards as you want: it also serve as a Bookmark platform, since you can access the original link you ‘pinned’ from by clicking on it.

So How to get started on Pinterest?

Whatever browser you are using, first thing you need to do (after creating an account, obviously) is download the “Pin it” Button, as per the below snapshot/indications: Hover over About/Click “Pin it Button”/Make sure your Bookmarks bar is showing/Drag and drop the button to the bookmarks bar/ That’s it!

Easy Breezy

If that wasn’t informative enough, watch those video tutorials:

For Safari

For Google Chrome:

For Mozilla Firefox:

For Internet Explorer:

Really? Who uses that anymore?

So now you are ready to pin: While viewing your favourite websites, blogs, tumblrs, all you have to do is click the Pin it Magical button, and it will transform all the data in the website to become “Pinnable”!

Now it’s up to you to chose the pins that represent you/your image/your business the MOST.

You can also “Repin” things other people are pinning, and start following people who have similar tastes and interests. It’s a very generous tool, because it encourages people to share the best of their inspirations with other people without any constrictions and to be honest about their inspirations; a haven for copycats!

I know so many of those bitches

NEW FEATURE: You can now have a SECRET BOARD. YES! For your more adult pins, or if you’re in the closet and want to extend your stay, or if you’re an idea stealer but want to take all the credit then go ahead and create a secret board, where no one can see your pins.

On your marks.


Start Pinning!

In the name of Fruitful procrastination…Start designing your dream home and planning the wedding you will never have!

Let’s follow each other: find me here: http://pinterest.com/gimmemoah/

Check out my Pin Boards to get an idea on how to make boards and the use of captions.

I can’t wait to see all you creatives GimmeMOAH.

I just want moah X

Are you brave enough to unleash your Peacock?

4 Oct

Finally, I get to come here, and actually be inspired to write about something that is dear to my heart: FASHION.

If you think Fashion is fickle, and it’s only about starving models + Ana Wintour, then you need to see the fashion doctor (or just gimme a buzz).

Krikor Jabotian’s intricate couture, is a living proof of the ART, craft and design process that go into designing one collection/dress.

Originally Armenian, Krikor was born and bred in Beirut – The Armenian influence is evident in his designs/brand image, with many references to Armenian art and artists, particularly Sergei Parajanov.
With a peacock as his emblem, sensitivity at the tip of his hands, Krikor creates airy designs, ones that float, breathe and freeze in a sudden halt to tell a story.
His father’s Jeweler’s background is behind the embroidery and ornaments implemented in an empiric manner, enough to please any aspiring “Fellini” Greek Goddess.
Expect a lot of nude, blush colors, and fabric; the result is statuesque, theatrical even – The Pieces are far from shy, and impose a lot of personality on the women wearing “nouvelle couture”(new couture), as Jabotian likes to call it. You will not go unnoticed, without having to flash a boob – yes please, ladies.


A lesson of class from Jordanian Royalty – seen here in Jabotian

demure Beauty Queen


In a scene that is more and more fastidious, Krikor has found his niche clientele alongside well traveled Arab women, fashion connoisseurs, talent hunters and BRIDES.

wonderful cake-like wedding dress

a carnation-like movement


couture for the little bridesmaids

Check out moah of his work here:
And on my Pinterest fashion board:
*If you would like to request photo credits, kindly email me: gimmemoah@gmail.com

Pale is the NEW tan?

18 Jun

Hello there.

The beach season has officially started since early June for us fortunate Mediterraneans.

Da hipster Beach

BUT! We found a way to f*ck it up and make more money: turning beach resorts into party places. Although trance music and booze à gogo aren’t exactly ideal for a day at the beach in my book, they became the standard in Top notch resorts that cost an arm and a leg to step into. Once you pay the hefty fee, you have to be aware of certain guidelines that everyone there follows religiously.

This summer, forget about relaxing at the beach by reading a book and building sand castles; Do it the Cosmopolitan, Beiruti way-Follow my “Commandments to look like a high street male/female hooker at the beach”

1-      Don’t swim. Obviously, you can’t party AND swim at the same time. Those (distasteful) designer shades are not salt water friendly. Oh and girlfriend’s weave is not to be seen by the public in its natural, wet state.

2-       So you will only “lounge” by the pool bar, occupying your hands with a drink and enthusiastic fist-pumping occasionally sitting on the water submerged bar stools! An architectural wonder, I tell you.

3-      If you’re a girl, you will need to wear your highest heels. A good workout for your calves, it’s also every man’s fantasy to see a girl in nothing but stilettos. Your teeny weenie bikini should be as close to nothing as possible.

4-      If you’re a guy, wear your bathing suit short AND tight. Let everyone know the brand. And shave your armpits.

5- No reading books by the pool: Because party rockers don’t do books. And even if you did, the resort staff will ensure you can’t concentrate by turning up the volume at the sight of anything readable. Anyways, your hands will be TOO oily to hold a book, or your children for that matter (they can play with the maid in the kiddies pool in the meantime), or even sunscreen-which takes us to rule number 6.

6- NO SUNSCREEN. Or anything with the letters S.P.F written on it. You will fry your skin with the purest baby oil, making sure you get equally sun Burnt from all sides (360 tan) while the mixture of mineral oil and sweat glistens on your skin and you’re THAT close to a nip slip. Oh fuck it just let it slip (When no one is looking). Walk around all of the resort for maximum coverage.

Aim For Donatella Versace Brown

7- You won’t leave your chaise-longue before you start looking like a Mahogany leather couch. UNLESS you are using tanning beds and SPRAY TANS as a complementary treat for your skin. And our eyes.

In that case, you probably look like this

Walking Sun Bed, Miss Maya Diab

Myriam Klink tan fail. Her Pussy didn’t stain.

tanning disaster mum

You can count on Paris Hilton for fashion disasters

you know you’ve had too much blow when Spray tan gets in your hair.

Now, What if I tell you tan enthusiasts that PALE(don’t cringe) is the NEW tan?

Yes. Just like the old days, when getting a tan indicated that you are from a lower class.

Seriously! Whatever happened to milky skin being beautiful as is? Who set this cancer inflicting habit upon us?

Here’s a small reminder of the grace of having well protected skin.

The Olsens rocking the pale look

another Pale beauty.

Get your sun lotions, hats, sunglasses, umbrellas out and take them for a plunge! (without pulling a Madonna circa 2009).

And Remember, a healthy tan will make you look sun kissed. NOT SUN FUCKED – so stick with foreplay, it’s always safer.

If you want to pull a Brigitte Bardot this weekend, I recommend you go to Lazy B (if you’re in the region); It’s hip, hedonistic and beachy. (no parties).

this is Beach-Chic

Ok I think I made my point here. Beach. Sand. Wet. Swimming. Sharks. Relaxing. Reading. Jogging. Sunscreen. Healthy. are all antonyms of a tan mishap. That said, go on http://www.paleisthenewtan.com/ for moah tan disasters.