Kermitified by Kermit Tesoro

6 May

A few years ago, I met and became friends with raw talent. By met, I mean became Facebook friends-welcome to the 21st century-and by pure talent I mean Kermit Tesoro.

a true fashion prodigy

Kermit is a up-and-coming designer from thePhilippines, who has gained a lot of recognition recently by his fashion peers. His designs were chosen by Nicolas Formichetti (the man behind the Lady Gaga persona) to be worn by Gaga herself. And although I am not a fan of the latter, or Nicolas, I think Tesoro is a refreshing addition to the avant-garde fashion scene.

Lady Gaga wearing a Kermit creation

Reminiscent of Mugler in the 80s, Balenciaga at its peak and McQueen at his most experimental phase, check out some of KT’s crafty, intricate designs:

Madame Sinister’s shoes

Kermit’s designs are inspired by things like human anatomy or dinosaurs, with names such as Psychopompous! and Anarchophobia for his collections(love the names!).

The result is often alien-looking but with a poetic approach, the monotonous neutral colors make for a haunting redundancy like indie music to a Kubrick movie.

More recently, Kermit got inspired by pollution, and oil spills to make this  beautiful, melting design

And Witchcraft for his men’s collection  Wicca X Knights of Columbus

(I need to have the blouse with the cross in my closet a.s.a.p)


Check some more Kermit Tesoro on my Pinterest boards

and his Facebook appreciation page




2 Responses to “Kermitified by Kermit Tesoro”

  1. mrdkr May 8, 2012 at 8:34 pm #

    Love this Post! And being a BIG fan of Kermit Tesoro (was introduced to his work through my Gaga Obsession) I must say you picked AMAZING pics to show his talent !!

    • gimmemoah May 13, 2012 at 7:18 pm #

      Thank you! Kermit is better than Gaga and Nicholas combined! He’s REAL and that’s rare 🙂

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