Losing my Insomnia virginity.

27 Jan

Insomnia, or the inability to FALL asleep has never come anywhere near my bed – or any bed/couch/theater seat i was sleeping in.

I’ve been an insomnia virgin, for 24 years, until last night. It felt lonely, and it wasn’t exactly a starry sky. I needed someone to talk to but everyone was sleeping. So I wrote this, and put it out there. I told you I had an open heart

Wake up

For I need you the most

When you are sound asleep

Wake up,

For sleep is eerie

And it scares me to see you lay there

Without a sound

Like hush.

Like a coma.

Like a muted, steady bird.

Wake up

Get out of bed.

This flat mat that you burden with your weight

I need you, heavy dead bird

Oblivion is my poison, don’t intoxicate me.

I know I’ll be less lonely if I follow you

Doze off to a small dose of your affection

Wake up and take me with you

Wherever it is you go when you close your eyes

Hey, I told you I needed a friend

And I will never be as close to you as under those sheets.




2 Responses to “Losing my Insomnia virginity.”

  1. mrdkr January 27, 2012 at 7:25 pm #

    This is great Phil !!
    Loved it !!

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